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Some of my FAVORITES'

Some of my favourites' are listed here. I love these poems from the core of my heart. These are my spontaneous overflow of my powerful feelings.


dedicated to our beloved NILESH who left us on 13th august 2001

I love
to fight
against or for
the LIFE;
i enjoy it,
if i loose
it's life;
if i win

Copyright ©2009  Nishant Sinha

You and I Loved

You loved me
Like a cigarette,
Lit it,
Gave me the feelings;
Kissed me so many times,
Inhaled me deep inside,
Very close to your heart;
And blew me out,
Put down the ashes
Into an ashtray
When it was over
You put me down
And rubbed it off
By your shoes.

I loved you like a butt
That is still with me.
Copyright ©2009  Nishant Sinha

A wish I wished to do,To keep you smile To keep you dreamingTo keep you warmTo keep you happyto keep you as innocent as you are.For all that I wish.

I am true and honest to the fullest.

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